iPhone 7: is it worth it?

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iPhone 7: is it worth it?

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I've been reading reviews about thee iPhone 7, and they've all been negative. I was thinking of upgrading to one of these because my iPhone 6 is breaking (shattered screen, frayed charger cable), but after reading negative reviews from the Australian public on websites such as the newspapers, I'm really confused and unsure. I want to get the Vodafone Community's opinion on this topic.

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Re: iPhone 7: is it worth it?

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The problem i find with reviews on any product, there seems to always be negative reviews.


Even washing machines, toasters , virtually anything


We are about 70% iphone in this house and had no hestitaion in getting the iphone


The really good thing about the iphone to us is the warranty by apple if needed.


We also have a few android phones here, as well as windows phones.


But overall Iphone is the house favourite.


I reckon sometimes we can ignore these reviews and just get a new toy to play with... we deserve it...


Check out this page for latest by Vodafone australia on Iphone:







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