WiFi Calling iPhone 6S Plus - can't enable

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WiFi Calling iPhone 6S Plus - can't enable

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I have a 6 week old unlocked iPhone 6s Plus bought outright from my local Apple store (IOS is the latest version).  


I have recently moved to Vodafone, on a 12 month contract.  


This might be relevant to my tale of woe: for the 2-3  weeks of owning the phone,  I was with EE on a pre-paid monthly deal.  I moved my EE number over to Vodafone, immediately after signing the Vodafone contract.   So I had a "temporary" number from Vodafone for a day or so while the PAC code was being processed.


Anyhow, my problem is getting WiFi Calling to work.   I have spent HOURS on the phone with Vodafone support and they don't seem to be able to help.   When I go into Settings->Phone->Wi-Fi Calling the slider switch is to the left (disabled).   If I try to enable it a popup appears warning me about my location being shared (which I assume is standard), then I press Enable.   This is where it all goes wrong: I get a message saying "To allow Wi-Fi calling on thie account, contact vodafone UK".   Which... I've done, 4 times now in total.


I suspect it's something to do with my number being ported from EE.   Vodafone support say that they can see it's enabled on my account, have asked me to check I message is enabled (it was), that the CTN is my number (it was).   If anyone has got any ideas, or has come across this before, of just has a suggestion of somethign to try...I would be very appreciative.

Otherwise, it'll be yet another 20 -40 minutes on the phone repeating myself over again.






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Re: WiFi Calling iPhone 6S Plus - can't enable

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by Champ Champ
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Gday from Australia


I think you might be in the UK?

This is Vodafone Australia forum.


Maybe you can try Vodafone UK support here;



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