Iphone 7 delivery

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Iphone 7 delivery

by jiaxing Visitor
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First, I have to say that the Iphone7 is part of an upgraded plan with a new 24months of contract after the previous 24 months using vodafone service.

Before upgrade the plan there is an 1(one) hour of conversation with 1555 vodafone online care asking karim and raise up to supervisor nosh asking them what could be done in this new 24 months of contract to distinct myself and existing and loyal consumer to new consumer of vodafone.

They said nothing can be done.


Eventhough with that, I am still proceed to updgrade my plan with Iphone 7 32Gb and by that time I ask them to check their stock in store and they have it ready stock in store but they can't give it to me and promised it will be delivered within 2 or 3 days.


Now that it has passed more than one week and yet the things I have purchased recently from germany and china too have been delivered to me. This Iphone 7 is still no where to be seen.


I talked to vodavone live chat represantative name ashleigh and she ask me to talk with the post courier, I ask her is it my obligation to to that, I am standing as a consumer not a seller or supplier or service provider.

Im sorry but this vodafone contract is not free of charge, I need to pay every month.

I ask her to check whether I could get it in store directly( a very well suggestive and effective solution)

She said nothing she can do and raise it to someone who will later call me back.


Later on this fella said that it will be delivered today, I tell him to check why it is stated return to sender, and this stupid fella ask me to recheck it from my computer screen whether I could have been mistakenly read then after I type in the tracking code he tell me and I say again to him the second time that it is stated return to sender.

This fella then say wait I'm going to recheck and turn off the line.


Is this all the best customer service vodafone can do?


I believe the largest telecomunication service provider in the world has more to do and certainly this is not it.



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Re: Iphone 7 delivery

by Help and Support Help and Support
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Hi @jiaxing

jiaxing wrote:


Is this all the best customer service vodafone can do?


We understand that a delivery delay on your new phone isn't a great experience, so we get why you're frustrated and we're genuinely sorry that things haven't gone smoothly with your order. 


We want to make sure that you get the right answers from here on, so let's take a look at the order for you and make sure your phone arrives as fast as possible.


We'll need to grab a few details to do that, so we've sent you a private message over here. It explains how to email us directly and from there, we'll be able to give you specific answers and advice.


We'll keep an eye out for your email and if there's anything else that we can give you a hand with in the meantime, please let us know.

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