Iphone 6s Keyboard Lagging

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Iphone 6s Keyboard Lagging

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by Chris10 Frequent Visitor
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I've had an Iphone 6s for approximately 4 months now and just recently the keyboard has started lagging, and it's getting progressively worse. When i go to write a message (or anything that involves the keyboard, notes, webpages etc.) the keyboard will freeze for around 10-15 seconds at a time. I can still type while it's frozen but nothing will come on the screen so i have to guess what i'm typing basically, then it will briefly unfreeze for a second and everything i typed while it was frozen will appear at once, then it will freeze again. This will happen for about 15 minutes at a time and several times a day. 
It first started off happening every now and then which was bareble because i thought it may have been the phone being slow once in a while. But then it started happening much more frequently to the point where almost everytime i go to use my phone the keyboard will be frozen. This is extremely inconvenient as it makes even the smallest messages a difficult task and it is very frustrating considering how new the phone still is.

I have tried resetting all settings a few times now which will fix the problem for a few hours at best before it starts freezing again. Has anyone had this issue before or could offer me some form of assistance?

Cheers, Chris

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Re: Iphone 6s Keyboard Lagging

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Hi @Chris10


How does the phone in general react to opening apps etc ? Are they also laggy by any chance? If its just the keyboard I'm wondering if it's some sort of Sync issue with iCloud since you mentioned the characters you type all rush back when it unfreezes.


Can you try this : 

Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data ( try turning it off ) 


Now go back and see if your keyboard is responsive . If that fixes the issue you can also try clearing some of the saved words in the dictionary which could have sync issues. 


Settings > General > Reset > Reset keyboard dictionary 


Note: You'll lose any saved words or phrases you have in the dictionary. 


Another solution would be to try a third party Keyboard like say Swift ?


See how you go with this and let us know.



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Re: Iphone 6s Keyboard Lagging

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Hi @Chris10

Chris10 wrote:

 Has anyone had this issue before or could offer me some form of assistance?

Having your keyboad freeze like this would be frustrating, especially when you want to send of a quick message or Google search! @Cyrille13 has included some really great steps that we'd suggest trying.


We'd also recommend closing down any apps you're not using in the background and also try clearing out some old messages if you have lots stored on your phone. Clearing up some space in your phone can help to get things moving quicker.


If none of these options seem to help, the next step would be to try a factory restore with the steps here. Just remember to back up any saved data before you go ahead. 


Let us know how you go.

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Re: Iphone 6s Keyboard Lagging

by Chris10 Frequent Visitor
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Hi Cyrille,

In my iCloud settings there is no option to switch off Documents and Data, so i tried the second option of reseting my keyboard dictionary which seems to have worked. I've gone a day without any lagging so hopefully it's gone for good!

Thanks for the help mate!


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