March 2017 - Announcements

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March 2017 - Announcements

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Hi everyone,


Welcome to our big update for March.


This month we've enabled sitewide SSL for the Community. You'll now see our secure padlock across all pages of the Community.


As an added security tip: Remember that all Vodafone staff have their name in red, and a Vodafone logo to the left of their name, like mine. Never share your account information with unverified individuals, either on or off the comunity. That also includes sharing account information in a post here. You'll see a warning across the top of the reply or post page to make sure you remember.


If you do ever share information unintentionally, please use the "report inappropriate content" option in the post menu (desktop only) to let a moderator know asap.


And today marks our sixth birthday here. Six would be old enough for our Community to start school, we'd be 42 in dog years, and it's enough time for Jupiter to have completed a journey halfway around the solar system (it's a full 12 years to do an orbit).


We've grown from 115 members at the end of that first week, to over 80,000 now.

Our posts have grown from 125 to a staggering 193,000 now.


And we've done it all with you. These are your posts, your commmunity, your questions and answers. We're privileged to have you here, and to have you with us.


From all of us here at the Vodafone Community, thank you for 6 years. For your posts, questions, chasing software updates, talk like a pirate day, phone launches and giveaways. To our Champions, our silent members and those of you who are here every day. Thanks.


It's been 52,594 hours so far, let's see what's next!


And the flashback...




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