Announcements September 2017: #BreakFree

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Announcements September 2017: #BreakFree

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Hey guys,


On August 16, we brought a huge change to the mobile market. Vodafone’s shaken things up, and we’ve broken free from selling phones on a lock-in contract! You simply add a device to one of our month-to-month plans, and pay it off in interest free payments over your choice of 12,24 or 36 months. You can also purchase a device outright from Vodafone.

Because there’s no lock-in contract involved, you can move your plan up and down to suit your needs. Want to upgrade or have to leave us? There’ll be no contract cancellation fees – you just pay what’s left on your handset.

Check out our website here for more info on our new plans, and sing out if you’ve got any questions.



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