Forgot My Vodafone Password

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Forgot My Vodafone Password

by Skythx Seasoned Member
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Hey, Long story short;


I had some OS issues with my laptop past week so i was forced to do a Factory Reset. I Did backup my files before hand but for some reason ive lost my password for My Vodafone site.

I need to know what it ish ASAP as i use the site to pay for my internet bills and im freaking out. Ive tryd passwords i THOUGHT it was but sadly to no luck. 


I Really need help on this. I HAVE tryd the  '' Forgoten password? - Give your number and secret password and it'll send a TEXT to the number. '' Sadly the app i use for number the SMS pogram dosnt ever seen to come through so i miss alot of texts on updates with my data usages etc. (Why i started using the My Vodadone Site in first place).


Im hoping there another way i can have the pasword or someone can help me reset it.

Please and thank you. Smiley Sad

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Re: Forgot My Vodafone Password

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Hi @Skythx,

Skythx wrote:

Im hoping there another way i can have the pasword or someone can help me reset it.

Please and thank you.

My Vodafone is a very handy App and with so many passwords to remember these days, we can approciate how one can be forgotten.

For privacy we can only TXT your temporary password to your number. If you have another device you can pop your SIM in, that receives TXT, we suggest doing this prior to requesting a new SIM. This link will take you straight to our Forgotten Password site.

It's also important to remember to use our SIMs only in approved devices, as we don't want you getting caught out by our Standard form of Agreement. You can read up on devices in our guide here.

Should you be using a modem of ours, you should have access to your dashboard. You can read your TXT messages through this.

Please let us know how you get on.


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