Troubleshooting FAQ - I, II and III

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Troubleshooting FAQ - I, II and III

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Hi Guys,

If you're facing any problems with your service, our help and support guys would like you to try the following steps

First up a few things you can quickly and easily try on your own:

  • Check the network status here: There could be a temporary outage affecting you.
  • Switch your mobile off and remove the battery and SIM if possible
  • Check coverage maps here to make sure you are within our coverage zones, and whether your mobile is compatible with coverage in the area.
  • Try moving somewhere else if you can. The next room, another floor, outside the building. It's not a permanent move but it may get you working again.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully some issues have been resolved or identified. If not, we've got a few more posts below for you to read.



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Troubleshooting FAQ - Part II

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Still facing problems? It's time for some more troubleshooting.

  • Perform an isolation test. In other words swap your SIM into someone else’s mobile or MBB device. To see if problems persist. Use the table below to make a note of whether problems persist with each device and SIM combo.
Make a note of the results in case you need to talk to us further.


  Your Sim Friend's Sim
Your Mobile Technical Issue ?
Friend's Mobile ? ?


  • Reset your device.  Try resetting both network settings and/or a full factory default
  • Update your device. New software versions can often improve network performance, and/or remove any bugs or glitches from older versions.
  • Check with any other users if possible. If other Vodafone users aren't facing the same issue as you, you may need to consider having your mobile repaired.

That's the end of the advanced troubleshooting we want you to take care of. If you've tried all of these steps and are facing problems with your service, help and support might direct you to the next post. Feel free to copy and paste it in your reply if asked to.



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Troubleshooting FAQ - Part III

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Please copy and paste this text into your reply if asked by help and support.
Please include section A and B. Repeat section A for any areas experiencing service difficulties.

Part A:



Service difficulties (Call drops, Unable to send SMS, slow data speeds, No signal ETC):

Time of day (AM/PM, times , be specific):

How long has it been occurring:

Any other Vodafone users identified the same issues?:  

Part B:

Mobile Device in use:

Device used for isolation test:

How long have you had the device? :

Any other comments:

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