Cancel phone plan overseas

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Cancel phone plan overseas

by Ashley_Annetts Occasional Visitor
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How do I cancel my phone contract overseas? Can I email someone?


Regards Ashley

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Re: Cancel phone plan overseas

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Hi @Ashley_Annetts

Ashley_Annetts wrote:

How do I cancel my phone contract overseas? Can I email someone?


We're really sorry we've missed your post Ashley, but you're definitely in the right place for help! Everything you need to know about cancelling your account, including how to get in touch with us from overseas is right here on our website for you. 


Before we jump in and close your account though, we want to make sure that's the right option for you. You've mentioned that you're overseas, are you coming back to Australia at all? If you are, we can look at ways to keep your number active until you come back, without you having to pay your current monthly plan fee.


You could look at switching your number to prepay for example.  You'll need to recharge your new prepay service once within 90 days of the s and then only once every 12 months to keep it active, ready and waiting for you when you get back!


We have a wide range of recharged options, starting from a low $10 - which means you can keep your number active for just $10 a year!


How does that option sound to you?



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