iPhone waiting period

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iPhone waiting period

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Hi all,


Just curious about the iphone waiting period, it says there ia a 10-12 week wait for the iphone i ordered once the order is confirmed. How do i know if my order is confimed?  If I have been given a tracking number does that mean my order has been confrimed?

I also received an invoice via email and I checked the tracking page but it doesnt really say anything.



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Re: iPhone waiting period

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Hey @M_Maalona

M_Maalona wrote:

If I have been given a tracking number does that mean my order has been confrimed? 

That's spot on, if you've got your tracking number then your order is offically confirmed! We just say that because sometimes orders can take a day or so to process, especially if we need anymore information for a credit check or something like that.


Your tracking page might not show too much right now, but when we get stock in we'll update the estimated delivery date and eventually put the Australia Post tracking info there once we ship it to you.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions.


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