Vodafone Connectivity Issues

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Vodafone Connectivity Issues

by yengest23 Occasional Visitor
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I have been experiencing lots of problem connecting to the internet with my mobile USB stick.

Connection to the internet is not stable at all as it keeps disconnecting if i stop downloading data for more than 5 seconds.

I hope this matter could be resolved as soon as possible.

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Re: Vodafone Connectivity Issues

by Help and Support Help and Support
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Hi yengest23,


Welcome to the forum.  Sorry to hear you've been experiencing connection issues with your Mobile Broadband service.


I am more than happy to look into this for you however I will require more information from you.


Is there a specific area where these issues are occuring?  What is the post code for this location?


Are you in an area of coverage?  Coverage information is available online at


Has your Vodafone SIM been tested in a different modem?  Testing your SIM will help to determine if the issues are occurring from the modem or the SIM.








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