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Hi Rebecca,


Rebecca235 wrote: I have a poketwifi2 and live at logan 4131 in QLD. First month was amazing then it went a bit slower but we still had fast internet at night or early morning. Last month it just dropped and still is. We are three university students and we are trying to download our lecture slides and webcasts and after hours of downloading (or a simple powerpoint document) it would only be half loaded. I have tried turning it off and restarting it with no luck. It had to be restarted every morning just to have this slow crappy internet

Experiencing slow data speeds can be very frustrating and I can imagine the impact this has had on your university studies, must be very unsatisfying.


Can you please confirm; do you currently live in Loganlea, QLD 4131? For now I've checked the coverage in the area on our coverage map here and it shows me that using a Pocket WiFi 2 you should receive good 3G data speeds. On this page by clicking the "view improvements" button I can also see that there are a number of plans within the next 3 months, to bring you and other customers a stronger, faster and more reliable network.

Connectivity issues can be caused by many factors including but not excluding; device, SIM and location. From here are you able to please try using your SIM in another device (phone or modem) and let me know if you experience better data speeds. This quick and easy troubleshooting step will help determine if the issue lies with your device.

Did you know that we have an online postcode checker? Using this tool you can check for any known issues or upgrades in the area, that may be impacting your service.  I've checked the 4131 area and haven't been able to locate anything that could be causing you this experience. This doesn't mean that there is not an outage just that one may not have been reported to our technicians.

May I ask; do you have any other Vodafone devices or do you no any other Vodafone users in the area, that are experiencing similar problems with their data connection?


Rebecca235 wrote: And here is the kicker got our internet bill and we had gone over $120 worth of data!!!!! Only due to downloading the same thing over and over and over cause it would not successfully download the first time. This really annoied us as we hated this whole month with little to no internet to have a shock that we paid the $59 (18GB) data plan + the $120.

I can understand that receiving such a large bill can come as a shock, especially if you weren't expecting it.

Is this the first time you've exceeded your monthly data allowance? May I ask how much data was downloaded overall during this bill cycle, when you went over your monthly allowance?

Throughout your bill cycle do you monitor your usage? This can be done through My Vodafone, however please be aware that usage can be displayed up to 48 hours behind. If you haven't yet registered for My Vodafone, you can do this by clicking here.

Working together we will get to the bottom of this issue and I look forward to your reply.


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