Order processing time?

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Order processing time?

by hello_fab Visitor
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I ordered a Bold on 19/6 and received an email confirmed the order on the same day. But till now the status of my oder is "Ordering being processed" and it's has been 3 days already?


My question is when will I expect my order to go through and the phone delivered to my house?



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Re: Order processing time?

by Retired Staff Retired Staff
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Hi Hello_fab,

Welcome to the forums.

I'm happy to check on what's happening with your order. before I'm able to check on the status for you.
Have you received any emails regarding order?

Has the order status changed on the online tracking tool?

Also if delivery address is out side of New South Wales. your order might been delayed due to the volcanic ash cloud.


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Re: Order processing time?

by bgarner Visitor
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I have the same issue I ordered my phone on the 24/03 and my order is still processing!!! Can you give me any indication when I will be getting my phone?

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Re: Order processing time?

by Regular Poster
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hi guys,


i wouldnt rely on the online order tracking, i placed 2 new orders recently and they both said still processing after i'd received them! best bet is to email with your order number, they were able to help me with a same day response





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