Mobile Broadband Upgrade - yet another dissappointment Vodafone!!!!!!

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Mobile Broadband Upgrade - yet another dissappointment Vodafone!!!!!!

by darrylanddi Occasional Visitor
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On Monday I got an email offer for an upgrade for the $39 plan ($19.50 for first three months of 12 month contract + 12GB monthly data + FREE Pocket Wifi modem) and after some thought due to recent signal issues and dissapointment of Broadband constantly dropping out I decided to give Vodafone the benifit of the doubt. I went in store this afternoon to do the upgrade and the guy behind the desk mucked around for some time then decided to phone Vodafone for help on their system and you wouldn't believe it (well you would!!!!) the system has something wrong with it and they are currently unable to do the upgrade. This doesn't supprise me anymore with Vodafone with the constant misbilling, signal issues that I have had to put up with throughout my term with Vodafone. Well it's a blessing in disquise as enough is enough. See ya Vodafone. As soon as I get the mobile Broadband with someone else which will be this week I am cancelling both Mobile and mobile broadband. Vodafone can find another customer to provide crap service to. Out of here!

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Re: Mobile Broadband Upgrade - yet another dissappointment Vodafone!!!!!!

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Hi darrylanddi,


Thanks for dropping by the forum and sharing your story with us. I'm really unhappy you've had such a poor experience trying to upgrade your service, but I'm glad you've given me this opportunity to be able to help you.


The pocket WiFi is a great device - I use one myself, and it's made a huge difference to my service - I'm able to put the device where signal is the stongest, and then connect my lapytops and phone to it, to use them where I want.


Are you able to tell me the name of the store you went to in order to process the upgrade? I'm glad you considered the offer before going into the store, and am happy to help you process an upgrade if you're willing.


I see from your post that you've been having some trouble with your service and billing. Were these issues resolved for you? I'm more than happy to help with any outstanding problems or concerns you have.


I look forward to hearing from you!




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