Samsung GALAXY S5. The next big thing.

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As Samsung’s next big thing comes closer to your pocket, I took a closer look at some of the features we’re most excited about.
The first thing I noticed is the updated look and feel. With its 5.1” full HD screen, it’s slightly larger than its predecessor, and the sharpness and vibrancy is welll impressive. The textured back has an almost leather-like feel and the new housing gives it a serious and stylish appearance - it’s a natural evolution for the GALAXY family.
Looking at the GS5, I'm blown away by the speed. The new 2.5GHz processor makes general navigation a breeze, plus it’s a Cat 4 phone, meaning it will be lightning fast on our 4G network. Streaming HD vids on YouTube and downloading is… Whooshka. I can’t wait to run a speed test on it and see how far the download needle revs…

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GALAXY S5 all colour W704.jpg
The finger scanner not only controls your access to the phone but can also verify payments on PayPal. It takes several swipes to fully map your fingerprint, but that’s understandable – you want to make sure it’s secure. Samsung have also made it possible for developers to use the scanner’s API with their own apps, which means your fingerprint could become a whole lot more useful to you soon.
The heart rate monitor works great and is a welcome addition to the S Health app. Along with built in pedometer, run tracker and log of your vitals, the GS5 is looking good for the health conscious.
The camera comes in at a healthy 16MP and includes some cool new features. If you want your photo to look warm and fuzzy, you can apply Selective Focus after you’ve taken a photo. And it’s got a new no-touch fast focus feature for video – the camera keeps a focus as you film a moving subject (even if it’s really close).
Did I mention the GS5 is water resistant? Outside in the rain it doesn’t skip a beat. The GS5 can also handle a little dust, so no more worries about visiting the beach (or a little bit of pocket lint from your favourite pair of trousers).

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by Champion ‎13-03-2014 11:52 AM

Hey  @Lawrence_S 



Im actually starting to warm to this device having more and more. 



by ‎13-03-2014 02:00 PM

I'm still out to town on the device. Can't decide between this and the Nexus 5. Specs don't play the biggest part in my decision and with the Nexus 5 half the price..are the spec upgrades worth the extra?

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I am quite disappointed in the S5:

  • No camera image stabiliser
  • Only 2 GB RAM (the Note 3 has 3GB and Samsung now makes low powered 4GB modules)
  • They didn't go with the much improved SnapDragon 805 processor
  • They didn't go with any of the newer screens now available
  • No radio
  • The heart rate and other health functions belong in the new Gear Fit not the base phone (an option for those who want it and not a cost burden for everyone else)
  • I am not a fan of biometric devices (too much big brother is watching) and this appears to simply be a Apple did it  so shall we feature
  • The new water and dust resistance makes the phone more costly, bigger and heavier (they should have kept this as an option, like the S4 active model, for those who want it)
  • There is too little change to justify this as a new "flagship" model over the S4

At this point I am thinking I'll wait to see if a new "F" model or "better" version of the S5 appears.  Alternatively I'll hold off to see what the Note 4 will offer.  (I would have gone with the Note 3 but it doesn't have image stabilisation!  Smiley Sad)


by ‎14-03-2014 11:14 AM

The only good thing about this device is the Camera Smiley Happy the build quality is no good , the specs are the same as s4 , only the s5 added few usable feature (depends on the user) all in all , just wait for the note 4 Smiley Very Happy

by htnsxc1 ‎16-03-2014 10:19 PM
i was going to upgrade to the S4 but so glad i haven't , cant wait to get the S5 now.