How to move data from phone memory to memory card

by gl-cont ‎18-08-2011 09:54 AM
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With MicroSD cards now a standard across all mobile phone manufacturers, and becoming as cheap as chips, excuse the pun, they are ideal for storing and transferring our captured photos, videos, songs and more recently applications – with the raising popularity of smart phones.  

The question is, how do I move my photos, videos, songs and apps over to my memory card?

Let me show you on various operating systems (OS) how to move data from phone memory to your memory card.

Android OS

With Android OS 2.2 onwards, you are now able to move selected applications to memory card to free up phone memory.

What to do?

Step 1. From the main menu, proceed to SettingsApplicationsManage applicationsOn SD Card. Note: If no memory card has been inserted, nothing will show up under this tab.

Fig 1. Manage applications

Step 2. Identify which applications are already on the SD card, highlighted by an active tick box next to the program.

Fig 2. Applications on SD Card.

Step 3. Click on an application with an inactive tick box, which you wish to move across to the memory card. From here you will be presented with a new screen giving you the option to ‘Move to SD card’ located under storage field.

Fig 3. Move to SD card.

You have now successfully moved your applications across to the memory card.

Nokia Symbian S60

Today we will be looking at a step by step guide as to move pictures, videos and sound files to the memory card.

What to do?

Step 1. Locate ‘File manager’ on your handset, typically located under MenuApplicationsOfficeFile manager.

Fig.1 File manager.

Step 2. Select the file or files from phone memory and then proceed to move or copy across to the memory card via OptionsOrganiseMove to folder – <Memory Card Name> to the destination folder.

Fig. 2 Moving to...

By default, the folders ‘Images’, ‘Sound Files’ and ‘Video Clips’ are automatically created when you first insert your memory card.

If you wish, you can create your own folder via File manager - <Memory Card Name> - OptionsOrganiseNew folder, followed by folder name i.e. Music.

You have now successfully moved across your file(s).

By moving files across to the larger memory card, other benefits are to be had as cover in our previous blog ‘Phone care myths’, whereby it should also help reduce phone lag/freeze issues related to low internal phone memory. 

How about my photos, videos and music?

Android organises multimedia well – only storing in mass memory or external memory card, with no need for the user to intervene for the most part.

This can be seen in the HTC Desire HD and Sony Ericsson X10 where the camera functionality requires a SD card to be inserted before use, given these phones only have limited internal memory not accessible for multimedia storage.  

If so desired, you can manually organise and move files between mass memory and memory card, however doing so requires access to a file manager.

File managers (interchangeably called file explorers) are freely available to download via Android Market e.g. ES File Explorer by EStrongs Inc.

Note: The Android folder structure is typically organised with Internal Storage as phone memory, USB storage as mass memory and SD card removable memory card.

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by Sameer_1 ‎27-06-2012 01:46 PM

Refer your discussion on transferring content from internal to SD card memory my phone in reference to Fig 3, I am able to see the option "Move to SD card", but the same is not highlighted.Thereby same could not be selected and thereby moved.
Can you help on this front.

by Social Media Team ‎28-06-2012 01:58 AM

Hey Sameer, It does sound like your handset is not picking up your SD card. Just a few quick questions, have you formatted your SD prior to use and have you checked the size of the SD, is it close to being full? This is a great question to ask our Help & Support team on the Vodafone Community. Have a great day JC

by Sameer_1 ‎28-06-2012 01:09 PM

Thanks JC for the prompt response..
Yes I did formatted my SD card prior to use, its size is 8GB and still 6.5 GB is empty.
Regarding the point that handset is not picking up your SD card, well I can view and listen to all files on SD card, so seems to be picking up..
Can this problem be bcoz of some applications being able to downloaded only on Phone Memory and not on SD card and hence could not be moved also..
Well yesterday I deleted some applications on phone memory to save on space .
Can you think of any other reason ?

by emily7 ‎30-09-2012 10:39 AM

mine wont let me transfer it to my SD card storage!! the button is disabled.

by Social Media Team ‎02-10-2012 10:03 AM

Hi Emily, If you're having trouble transferring your phone data to your SD card, our help and support team can help you out in the Vodafone Community. Thanks, SC.

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