Flood Affected Services QLD

by Head of Social Media ‎28-01-2013 05:37 AM
Head of Social Media

Update at 12:55 AEST, Wednesday 31st January 
The majority of sites have been restored .
There are 25 sites still requiring  attention.
Seven of these sites are Optus leased sites and Optus are working hard to investigate, however they are experiencing access issues with a number of these sites due to flood waters.
Two of these sites are Telstra leased and Telstra are continuing to investigate with site visits scheduled to take place today.
Of the remaining sites -
Three are without power and cannot be accessed due to water.  Support teams are standing by for access approval.
Thirteen have had power restored but there has been further transmission complications as a result of the adverse weather conditions and our support teams continue to investigate.
Below is a list of  suburbs still affected.
Mt Corella
Mt Kanigan
Mt Samson
Pelican Waters
Dakabin East
North Lakes
Browns Plains
Mt Ommaney
Manly West

Update at 9:45 AEST, Tuesday 30th January 
The below outages are restored
Surfers Paradise  through to Currumbin
Robina  area
Banora to Tweed Heads (QLD/NSW)
Mermaid waters
Elanora to Andrews
Airlie Beach to Proserpine
The below outages have been partially restored.
Gladstone to Raglan areas –one site still affected by water – working through an ETA
Maroochydore to Gympie – five  sites still affected by water – working through an ETA
Kingston to Mt Gravatt – one site still affected by water – working through an ETA
The below sites still have ongoing with access due to flood waters and road closures.
Tumbulgum NSW – Our network team is still investigating  this outage
Deception Bay QLD  - seven sites still down –working through an ETA
Mackay and surrounding areas   - ETA of restoration today
Murwillumbah  - two sites affecting both 2G and 3G still down – road closures affecting access to sites
Burbank and surrounds –  four sites still down – our support team are investigating
Jimboomba - one site still affected by water, access affected by road closures due to flooding
Greenbank - one site still affected by water, access affected by road closures due to flooding

Update at 21:00 AEST, Tuesday 29th January 
Throughout today the teams have resolved a number of issues.  Remaining sites are still hampered by either mains power or flood waters stopping access. Below is the latest status update on sites for you:
Surfers Paradise to Currumbin
All sites restored with the exception of five 2G sites remaining. We expect full restoration of 2G services tomorrow.
Airlie Beach to Proserpine (including Mackay)
Impact in the area is due to a mains power lost at two transmission hub sites.
After attempts on the 28th to helicopter in crews and a generator to one of the sites was halted due to weather,  crews were finally able to get a helicopter in today and they are still on the ground working to bring this site back up to 100%
Field teams still trying to obtain access to second site by road – this site is in flood areas just west of  Bundaberg / Maryborough  and the current reports of flood reduction is stated as 24 hours.
A basic level of services has been restored to the area in the interim. This temporary service solution will be monitored for stability and performance  overnight  whilst we focus our efforts on continuing restoration of the main service infrastructure.
Alexandria Hills
All services restored
Deception Bay
All services restored
Elanora to Andrews
All services restored
Banora – Tweed Heads
All services restored
Four sites impacted by loss of mains power  -  This is Optus leased site and pending Optus field works.
Burbank  / Currumbin
Mermaid waters / Robina  
Bracken ridge/ Ningi
Site impacted from 15:10 (29th). Suspected issue with Transmission link  due to water damage. Transmission team are investigating.
Jimboomba and surround
Site is down due to mains power failure  and  is isolated due to flood waters so we currently cannot access it. We are hoping to gain access tomorrow for restoration work.
Greenbank  and surrounds
Site is down due to mains power failure  and  is isolated due to flood waters so we currently cannot access it. We are hoping to gain access tomorrow for restoration work.
There are still some remaining sites across the State with flood access issues or waiting for generators to be installed.
A number of these are shared infrastructure with Optus and Telstra and we are working with our partners to get the infrastructure restored as soon as possible. We will share updates on progress as soon as we are notified.
Thank you for your continued patience as we work to restore all services. We understand that you are all very anxious to get connected with family and friends again and we're doing everything we can to restore your service and peace of mind.
We’ll update you again in the morning.
Update at 11:30 am AEST, Tuesday 29th January
Surfers Paradise to Currumbin
Damaged hardware was replaced overnight enabling eight 2G sites to be restored. Five 2G sites remain down and under investigation.  3G services have been normal since the 27th.
Airlie Beach to Prosperpine (including Mackay)
A chopper is taking our team and a generator out to one of the two main sites. It is due to arrive at the site at 2pm AEST.
Field teams still trying to obtain access to 2nd site by road – this site is in flood areas around Bundy and Maryborough and we’re still waiting on advice from emergency services as to whether we can gain access. Currently the direction  is that access will be granted in 24 hours once flood waters have receded.
Alexandria Hills and surrounds
Sites were impacted by loss of mains power. A back up generator was moved to the main site to recover the chain of sites but this failed overnight.
Field teams are currently on site and are working towards a restoration eta of 3 pm AEST.
Deception Bay and surrounds
Four sites impacted by loss of mains power, currently our teams cannot access the site to restore power as a result of flood waters. This site is on the flood access watch list and our teams will get access as soon as it is deemed safe by the QLD Police and Emergency Services.
Kingston to Mt Gravatt 
Six sites impacted by a loss of mains power, A generator was  deployed to a parent site that enabled five sites to be restored yesterday afternoon.
One  site  still down and  has access issues due to flood waters so is on the flood watch list awaiting instructions from the authorities for safe access.
Elanora to Andrews
Sites impacted by loss of mains power at  hub site. All sites were restored yesterday but four failed again this morning. Our field teams are enroute to investigate the cause of this second failure and will provide an update once they have information to share.
Banora – Tweed Heads and surrounds
Four sites currently impacted by loss of mains power. Our technicians are investigating but we don’t have much more detail on these areas for the moment. We’ll update you again as soon as we hear more.
Rothwell and surrounds
Four sites impacted by loss of mains power. Currently these sites have flood access issues and tech teams are waiting on instruction from authorities. This is Optus leased infrastructure so we are liaising with Optus technicians to confirm access and restoration progress.
Burbank and surrounds
Four sites impacted by a loss of transmission. Our tech teams are investigating and expect restoration of services later today.
Mermaid Waters and surround
Four sites impacted by loss of mains . Mains power temporarily restored yesterday but failed again overnight. Team is on hand to restore mains power today.
The main cause of outages are mains power interruptions due to storm damage.  These sites are wide spread across the total  storm impacted region and our teams are working through these and managing the logistics of supplying available generators.
Thanks again for your patience as we work to get you connected again as soon as possible.  We'll update you again later today.

UPDATE AT: 9:40 am AEST Tuesday 29th, January
Airlie Beach, Prosperpine, Mackay regions
We have  overage  loss  in the  Mackay area  linked to the outage that first occurred on Sunday the 27th due to flooding.  Power has been lost at two transmission hubs.  Access via land and air has been hampered by weather.
Attempts to fly a chopper in last night were put on hold due to dangerously high winds and the team is trying to get access out there again this morning.
Access to the second site via 4WDs will also be attempted again this morning pending police confirmation that the flood waters are passable. We expect an update from QLD Police Services mid morning.
Currently there are four of five sites servicing the Mackay region that are affected. Affected areas include:
Princhester (Postcode 4702)
The Caves (Postcode 4702)
Bloomsbury (Postcode 4798)
Mt Blackwood (Postcode 4741)
Elaroo (Postcode 4798)
Foxdale (Postcode 4800)
Hamilton Island (Postcode 4802)
Shute Harbour (Postcode 4802)
Airlie Beach (Postcode 4800)
Proserpine (Postcode 4800)
Central Mackay (Postcode 4740)
Marlborough (Postcode 4705)
Glen Geddes (Postcode 4702)
Mackay North (Postcode 4740)
Mackay (Postcode 4740)
Jubilee (Postcode 4064)
Milton (Postcode 4064)
We will update you on the progress of the airlift and land access to get the generators in and running as we get news from the teams on the ground.
Thanks for your patience, we know this is an anxious time for you all and we’re working really hard to get you connected again so you can keep in touch with family and friends and have peace of mind.
UPDATE AT: 6:45am AEST Tuesday 29th, January
Gladstone to Raglan
Confirming that all services have been restored and sites are stable.
One site in Kingaroy is still impacted by flooding and technicians are out there this morning investigating.
Alexandra Hills to Loganholme
Sites were restored yesterday. Overnight some of these became unstable, affecting areas between Alex Hills and Loganholme. Support teams are in attendance and will provide further updates later this morning.
UPDATE AT: 20:50 AEST Monday 28th, January
Gladstone to Raglan
Services were restored to the damaged hub at approx 7 PM this evening.  This has restored service to Cairns and  Rockhampton. One single site remains damaged and technicians will attempt to restore this tomorrow morning.
Please turn your phone off and on again to reset it after the outage. If you still have no service it is likely you’re affected by the one remaining tower and we will have a further update for you tomorrow morning.
Airlie Beach to Proserpine 
Network issues as a result of mains power loss at two of our transmission hubs.  As many transmission links as possible were re diverted to ease impact on the sites.
Access to one of the areas has been hampered by severe flooding so our team engaged the use of a helicopter to transport a generator to the site. Unfortunately attempts to land the helicopter were unsuccessful due to flooding. The team tried again to access the site early this evening but the inclement weather made it unsafe for the chopper to fly in so our technicians will have to try again first thing in the morning (weather dependant).
The second site can be reached by  4WDs as soon as flood waters recede and the police approve access. Teams will get a generator in place to restore power and service.

Surfers Paradise to Currumbin
Impacted sites are 2G only, 3G services should be ok.
Teams are replacing damaged parts this evening and service restoration for 2G service in the area is imminent.
Three sites remain impacted ( 2 x 2G & 1 x 3G ).
The remaining three sites require power to be  restored or generators enabled. And our teams are working on restoring power this evening.
Elanora to Andrews 
Seven sites were impacted this afternoon, these sites are all restored and service should have returned. Please switch your device off and on again to reset it.
Alexandria Hills
Sites in the area impacted this afternoon after a loss of power. The backup generator has been moved to the site and restoration of service is imminent.
There are an additional impacted sites wide spread across the total storm impacted region. The majority of these sites have been affected by power outages. Our teams are working through these also, and coordinating the logistics of suppling generators to these sites to get services restored as soon as possible. 
The remaining sites have been badly impacted by mains power outages and our teams have had not been able to get access due to flooding, road closures or unsafe flying conditions.
We’ll continue to monitor each site for power restoration during the evening and also monitor flood levels so our field teams can work through the list of remaining sites.
Thanks everyone for your continued patience whilst we work to get you connected. We understand this is a very anxious time for you all and want you to have peace of mind again as soon as possible.
Please do stay safe and we’ll update you again in the morning.

Real time emergency updates from the QLD Government:  http://qldalert.com/
Alternative Emergency numbers for Northern and Central Queensland :
Cairns 4030 7000
Mareeba 4030 3340
Townsville 4750 5581 or 4750 5583
Mt Isa 4744 1111 or 4744 1808
Mackay 4968 3530
Gladstone 4971 3222

UPDATE AT: 17:35 AEST Monday 28th, January
Site Status Morayfield and Caboolture, Brisbane
Caboolture (Postcode 4510)   - 2G  is down  - 3G is working
Caboolture (Postcode 4510)  -  2G  is down -  3G is working
Wamuran (Postcode 4510)    -  2G is down  -  3G is working
Morayfield (Postcode 4506)   -  2G  is down -  3G is working

UPDATE AT: 15:30 AEST Monday 28th, January
Currently both 2g and 3G sites are impacted. The issue is with transmission lines leased from Telstra that have been badly affected by flooding. Telstra crews have tried to access the site but were stopped by police as there are bridges impacted by floods that need safety inspections before they are reopened. ETA for possible road access approval is 4PM  today (AEST)
This outage is partially impacting the towns of Cairns & most of Rockhampton as well as other smaller townships on the coast.
Airlie Beach to Proserpine
We have confirmed the use of a helicopter to transport a generator to one of the two impacted sites.  Due to a no landing zone at the other site, we are working on alternate land access method. Both sites require temporary power to enable service restoration.
Surfers Paradise to Currumbin
13 sites still impacted (2G only). Impact has been caused by flooding and whilst some hardware has been replaced, we are still to replace some remaining parts.  Some of the required parts have arrived from interstate and teams are preparing to undertake works this afternoon and into this evening.
Initially up to 10 sites were impacted. We had restored seven sites as of midday today. Three sites are waiting for power to be connected to restore transmission (2 x 2G & 1 x 3G ).

UPDATE AT: 14:55 AEST Monday 28th, January
Our store in Ipswich has closed early. The team got a call from disaster management and have been advised to get home safely as the Bremer River has risen rapidly. If you need assistance with your service please contact us here, on Facebook or Twitter.

UPDATE AT: 13:20 AEST Monday 28th, January
We have been advised that there are problems with contacting the emergency number Triple Zero (000)  in some parts of North and Central QLD.
Alternative Emergency numbers for Northern and Central Queensland have been set up:
Cairns 4030 7000
Mareeba 4030 3340
Townsville 4750 5581 or 4750 5583
Mt Isa 4744 1111 or 4744 1808
Mackay 4968 3530
Gladstone 4971 3222
Please be aware that where we  have  sites out  on both  2G  and 3G our customers will default to a working network in the area to be able to call emergency services. If  other carrier have  lost mobile  service  in that same  coverage  plot  then  there will be no mobile  access  to emergency services and you should call using a working land line.
Here is a blog post we did a while back explaining the details behind contacting emergency services in times of network failure:  http://blog.vodafone.com.au/blog/mobile-emergency-calls/
QLD Police Services are keeping Queenslanders updated on their Facebook page
Please be smart and stay safe in these conditions.

UPDATE AT: 12:45 AEST Monday 28th, January
Gold Coast
2G and 3G services affected from Elanora to Andrews. Seven sites have been compromised. Engineers are investigating the cause. We'll update you as soon as we have more information.
UPDATE AT: 8:30 AEST Monday 28th, January
Surfers paradise to Currumbin
Initially both 2G and 3G sites were impacted by the storms on the 26th. Technicians were able to recover all 3G services by the 27th. There some remaining 2G sites that will still be impacted. Customers with 2G phones will still be experiencing issues with their service until replacement parts arrive. Parts were due to arrive yesterday from Sydney and Melbourne but were held up due to flight cancellations on account of the weather. The new eta for part arrival on site is this evening.
Maroochydore to Gympie
Original impact was  due to mains power failures as a result of the flooding on the 27th. Our technicians used generators to restore all but three  sites on the same day (27th).  There are three sites in the area that are currently not accessible due to storm flooding and as soon as our technicians can gain access they will work to restore power to these sites. We'll update you on the remaining sites as soon as we hear from our team on the ground.
Gladstone to Raglan
2G and 3G site are impacted by flooding . The issue is with a Telstra leased transmission line that was badly affected by flood waters. Telstra unable to confirm an ETA for a fix  at this point as they have  numerous services  impacted in the region. They have  advised will provide an update for us later  this morning . This   outage  is  impacting the  towns of Cairns & Rockhampton.
Airlie Beach to Proserpine
Sites that were impacted, were initially restored but have since failed again.  Impact is due to a mains power lost at our transmission hub. Our technicians originally restored power with generators but the weather created more issues for them and the back up power failed. They have rediverted as many transmission links as possible to reduce the impact on customers.
We have a temporary generator  power at  site locations near  Eidsvold and  Gayndah both of which have  been isolated by flood waters . Our crews are on the  road again this  morning  trying to access these sites and we're working through an option to use helicopters to fly in the generators. We'll keep you posted.
 Logan City and Beaudesert Shire
Both 2G and 3G services are impacted. Impacted customers may face no network access in the affected area. Customers in and around the following suburbs may face degraded or no access to both 2G and 3G coverage - Browns Plains (Postcode 4118); Shailer Park (Postcode 4128); Kingston (Postcode 4114); Waterford West (Postcode 4133); Heritage Park (Postcode 4132); Park Ridge (Postcode 4125). Our team are in attendance and working to restore this as soon as possible, we'll keep you posted on their progress.
Just a reminder that The Queensland Police Service has asked you to only dial Triple Zero in an emergency and if you need the latest information on roads, flooding and police instructions,  please dial 13 19 40. They need to keep the emergency line as free as possible for emergency calls.
Again, massive thanks to our Vodafone engineers who have been working tirelessly to get services restored as quickly as possible. We’ll continue to keep you updated as more news on restoring services becomes available.
Please be smart and stay safe in the big wet.

UPDATED AT: 20:20 AEST Sunday 27th, January
Rockhampton to Mount Hopeful, North QLD
Storms in the area severely impacted both power and transmission to our sites.
Overnight we successfully restored power and transmission to all but three sites. Since this restoration the weather caused another power outage affecting postcodes: 4702, 4798, 4741,  4800, 4802, 4740, 4705, 4702, 4740 and 4064.
Our engineers are in attendance to try and restore power to the transmission hub.
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD
A number of sites were affected by storm damage on the Gold Coast.
We have successfully restored 3G services  but there are some remaining 2G sites that are still suffering and customers with 2G only handsets will notice reduced service or have no service until we are able to resolve these issues.
Current post codes affected include: 4215, 4226, 4218, 4215, 4217, 4224, 4220, 4211, 4226 and 4213.
We have an eta on a resolution for these sites by tomorrow morning.
Sunshine Coast, QLD
We have 2G and 3G sites between Maroochydore and Gympie affected by the storms. Since this afternoon, many sites have been restored but there are a small number of sites still requiring attenti0n. Engineers are in attendance and conducting testing, they  hope to have the sites restored by morning (weather dependant).
Current postcodes affected include: 4572, 4551, 4573, 4567, 4560, 4556, 4553, 4560, 4564, 4573, 4570, 4562, 4573,4562, 4519, 4551, 4558, 4575, 4562, 4567, 4558, 4566 and 4565.
We will let you know as soon as we hear more.
Our stores at Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore and Kawana Waters were not able to open today due to the rain. All access roads were  flooded and our teams were not able to get to work.
The Queensland Police Service recommends you dial 13 19 40 for the latest information and police instructions.
Huge thanks to our Vodafone engineers who have been working tirelessly in less than ideal conditions to get services restored as quickly as possible. We’ll continue to keep you updated as more news on restoring services becomes available.
Please be smart and stay safe in the big wet.

by Michelle5 ‎28-01-2013 11:38 AM

Doesn't appear to be any service in Mackay????

by Mike20 ‎28-01-2013 11:45 AM

Thanks for keeping us informed!

by Lucie ‎28-01-2013 01:22 PM

Hi Michelle, Mackay would definitely be affected by the equipment damage in North QLD. Please bear with us while we try and get it up and running again for you as soon as possible. Lucie

by Lucie ‎28-01-2013 01:22 PM

You're welcome Mike, stay safe. Lucie

by Catherine2 ‎28-01-2013 01:38 PM

Is service likely to be back up on Hamilton Island anytime soon?

by Lucie ‎28-01-2013 01:56 PM

Hi Catherine, I will check in with tech and come back to you asap. Lucie

by Michelle5 ‎28-01-2013 02:53 PM

Thank you for the reply.

by Tony9 ‎28-01-2013 04:27 PM

Can I ask, when is the Jimboomba district service coming back on line, were not in the hills out here.. The tower is out here on dry land

by Michelle5 ‎28-01-2013 04:29 PM

I would also love to hear when you think Mackay will be back on line, please.

by Lucie ‎28-01-2013 04:33 PM

Hi Tony, I am not sure exactly, I expect another network update first thing in the morning. What has likely happened is that one of the towers that supplies the Jimboomba area has been affected. Networks are like branches and if one of the branches has an issue, the transmission can affect towers further along the branch, even if your specific tower is not in the area of concern. the weather appears to be worsening however our engineers are on site and made progress today so hopefully the weather provides a reprieve and they're able to get the rest of the damage fixed. Stay tuned for more updates in the morning. Stay safe. Lucie

by Lucie ‎28-01-2013 04:45 PM

You're welcome Michelle, stay safe. Re: Mackay services. We got them back up and running then the power failed again due to the extent of the water damage. Our team are working on the main sites as I type to get Mackay up again but I am not likely to get another update until morning. Hopefully it will be good news for everyone. I will let you know as soon as I hear from our technicians. Thanks for your patience Michelle, Mother Nature is certainly showing us her strength! Lucie

by Charmaine_Journ ‎28-01-2013 04:50 PM

I'm in Dayboro and have had no service since early this morning. Been scary really no phone no power and in a flood:{

by Lucie ‎28-01-2013 05:03 PM

I can understand that would be very scary Charmaine. I hope to have a good news update for you in the morning with services restored. Please stay safe and this is a good article for you to read re: contacting emergency services if your Vodafone service is down http://blog.vodafone.com.au/blog/mobile-emergency-calls/ Also, keep an eye on the QLD Police Service Facebook page, they're very active with their updates: https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandPolice Lucie

by Tony9 ‎28-01-2013 05:22 PM

Thanking you.

by Tom_Ross ‎28-01-2013 05:22 PM

Hi, I am trying to get in touch with my wife (vodafone mobile) in Cairns (Yorkeys Knob 4878) - would this be due to the outages?
Thanks, much appreciated - Tom

by Dee7 ‎28-01-2013 06:02 PM

What's happening in Gladstone (4680)

by graham_brettle ‎28-01-2013 06:41 PM

i am in postcode 4701 - both phones no service - any ETA

by TJ_2 ‎28-01-2013 08:06 PM

Lucie, just thought I should let you know I'm in Koongal 4701 (eastern suburb of Rockhampton) and we're still having complete reception dropouts as well. Big thanks to Vodafone's tech crews too, we understand it's not an easy job to fix this sort of thing during floods, hope they manage to stay safe - their wellbeing is much more important than our phone coverage!

by Social Media Team ‎29-01-2013 04:04 AM

Hi Tom, I've checked our outages and it doesn't look like Yorkeys Knob is facing any outages. Have you found that you've since been able to get in contact with your wife? Are you both in Yorkeys Knob? Thanks, AL

by Social Media Team ‎29-01-2013 04:22 AM

Hi there, There's a great chance that you may find that your phone service is affected when in a neighbouring suburb to one that we've listed above. We're working as fast as possible to get everything sorted out, and we'll have technicians in to check everything out as soon as it's safe to do so. Thanks, AL

by Social Media Team ‎29-01-2013 04:24 AM

Hey, As soon as it's safe to do so we'll have technicians in to check out what's going on. Keep an eye on the Blog for further details. Thanks, AL

by Social Media Team ‎29-01-2013 04:30 AM

Hey, Thanks for the kind words! We're working as hard as we can to get our technicians out to thaffected sites to sort everything out as soon as it's safe to do so. I'd definitely recommend keeping an eye on the Blog for ETA's on coverage in Koongal. Cheers, AL

by Shelley_Ross ‎29-01-2013 04:38 AM

Hi I am in Morayfield 4506 and have no mobile reception here either.

by Diane_Crawley ‎29-01-2013 05:14 AM

My husband and I (bothe Vodafone customers) live at Morayfield near Caboolture (QLD) and have no service at this stage, is this becasue of the extreme weather conditions over SE Qld at the moment.

by Jonathan_Robert ‎29-01-2013 05:32 AM

And what's the excuse for the lack of service to the Gold Coats the rest of the time?

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