Bill Morrow new CEO of Vodafone Hutchison Australia

by Social Media Team ‎22-03-2012 03:57 AM
Social Media Team

Bill Morrow announced as CEO of Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA)

Hutchison Whampoa Group MD Canning Fok takes over as Chairman of VHA

Vodafone Group and Hutchison Whampoa today announced the appointment of Bill Morrow as the Chief Executive of the two companies' joint venture, Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA).

In addition, the two shareholders announced today that, in line with their JV agreement and three years after the Vodafone Hutchison Australia merger, the role of VHA Chairman will now rotate to the Hutchison Whampoa Group Managing Director, Canning Fok.

Bill Morrow is one of the global telecommunications industry's most experienced executives. He is the former Chief Executive of Clearwire Incorporated and was previously Chief Executive of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. He is a former Europe Chief Executive with Vodafone Group and has run the Group's businesses in Japan and the UK.

The current VHA Chief Executive, Nigel Dews, is to take up a senior role within Hutchison Whampoa reporting to Group Managing Director, Canning Fok, the details of which will be announced in due course. Nigel Dews has been the Chief Executive of VHA since the merger in 2009 and was previously the Chief Executive of 3 Australia. He joined 3 Australia in 2003 as the Sales, Marketing and Product Director.

Shareholder commitment

Vodafone Group and Hutchison Whampoa also reiterated their long-term commitment to VHA as the business continues to make good progress in a number of areas.

  • Network: a new 850MHz 3G network built for wireless data, with more than 1,000 sites already live - expected to rise to 1,500 by Q3 2012 - and single Radio Access Network equipment already replaced across more than half of the network. More than $1 billion has been invested in the network since the merger, with further substantial investments planned. This has already led to a 29% reduction in dropped calls year-on-year, and wireless data session set-up rates are now consistently above 99%.
  • Customer service: substantial investment in customer support, including 24/7 Care, a market-leading customer call-back service, extended support times for support via Twitter and Facebook, a new online customer forum, a new smartphone self-care application, and new in-store customer service initiatives.
  • Merger synergies: synergies from the merger of the 3 and Vodafone businesses now exceed the target of $2 billion net present value (NPV) announced at the time of the merger.
  • Financing for growth: the completion of refinancing arrangements, supported by both shareholders, including a five-year $1.7 billion loan facility to fund spectrum licence renewal and network investment including plans to invest in 4G mobile services.

Vodafone Group Chief Executive for Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific, Nick Read, said: "We are strongly committed to Australia. We'll continue to back our business here as it makes the significant investments needed to build the network of the future. Bill is an outstanding industry leader and is well-placed to drive growth. I would also like to thank Nigel for his energy and commitment in leading the complex task of executing the merger of our businesses under the Vodafone brand, and wish him well for the future."

Hutchison Whampoa Group Finance Director, Frank Sixt, said: "Vodafone Hutchison Australia is an important part of our global telecommunications portfolio. Bill is a widely respected industry veteran, and we are delighted to welcome him to VHA. We are also grateful to Nigel for his work in bringing together the 3 and Vodafone businesses in Australia and forging them into a strong and healthy organisation which we have every confidence will continue to grow and succeed under Bill's leadership. We also look forward to continuing to work with Nigel in his new role at Hutchison Whampoa."

VHA Chief Executive Nigel Dews said: "It has been a privilege to lead Vodafone Hutchison Australia, but after nine years in this business, five of them as Chief Executive, it's now time for a change. As I turn to my next challenge, I am confident that I leave behind an excellent team that will flourish under Bill's leadership."

VHA Chief Executive-designate Bill Morrow said: "Vodafone Hutchison Australia is a business with a great future. I am excited by the prospect of joining a strong team. I'm also committed to meeting, and listening to, our customers to understand their needs, now and over the years ahead."

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About Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) operates the Vodafone, 3, and Crazy John’s brands. Formed in June 2009 following a merger between Vodafone Australia and Hutchison 3G Australia, VHA provides mobile services to over 7.0 million customers in Australia. &

by DARRELL2 ‎23-03-2012 04:23 AM

Kick some but Bill!!.

by tanja ‎10-04-2012 08:56 AM

The "Worst Customer Experience Ever" This comment/message is intended for the new CEO Bill Morrow and his Executive Team and whilst it may present as somewhat "full on" I hope you all "read on". I have been a customer with 3 mobile for several years, my records if viewed will provide the specific detail. A month ago I contacted 3 as I needed a new handset, I spoke to a lovely consultant who listened and noted my requirements and hence recommended that I take up a contract for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, more than happy to take on board the advice, further that if I moved from 3 to VodaPhone (mind you I now openly refer to the company as VodaFAIL) I would have better coverage than previously experienced with 3 (mind you while it was somewhat limiting wherever I roamed I always found coverage, even if I had to stand on one foot and point the sky........) So here I am on Easter Monday two weeks after receiving my lovely new handset, and have spent more hours than I can now count on the phone to VodaPhone and 3 to advise that my place of weekend/holiday residence is on Macleay Isand, Southern Moreton Bay region of Queensland and has NO and NO and NO Vodaphone coverage!!! I’m thinking of buying a small plot and leasing it out to VodaPhone so that coverage can be “guaranteed”! Yesterday Easter Sunday I spent approx 6 hours toing and froing between Vodaphone and 3 to explain that I just wanted to remigrate back to 3 as at least I had coverage with them. The import of this timing is I now have 4 of my 5 grandchildren here for the week and have had to once again take my husbands personal mobile to ensure that I have contact to parents etc etc. All staff that I spoke to were polite and well mannered and appreciated my situation and wanted to help. My issue, and I am by no means a racist, in fact lived in India as a young child where mother taught at the MGD school in Rahjastan, so truly feel and understand the Indian culture. The problem though is that when customer service is required to manage a disgruntled customer the cultural differences are magnified, for example the Indian staff are working to scripts, the irate customer an Aussie here in this instance, is speaking as politely as possible but full of all the colloquialisms only another Aussie could understand. After 2 weeks and endless ping-ponging backwards and forwards between staff/technician/etc etc, I had lost my ability to hold an articulate conversation. Anyway the upshot of yesterday was that Vivek from 3 CustomerCare who truly truly understood my issue advised that he would speak with VodaPhone and negotiate to have my mobile number 0427641815 diverted to my husbands mobile that I'm currently using for the safety of my grandchildren 0418466743 until I get back to my permanent residence in Wynnum and formally remigrate to 3. I had 2 call from Vodaphone staff who I gather were calling to effect this decision...............but they dropped out!! As I write, I am no better positioned than I was yesterday or in fact 2 weeks ago when I made my initial call, and quite frankly am "over it". I will ring again tomorrow and request to speak to an Australian CSR (how bizarre and totally appalling that I should have to be in this position that makes me feel truly racist and intolerant, but "them's the facts jack") I've have just received my last 3 bill, which I won't be paying, anyway my phone doesn't work where I want it too. My husband who is with 3 with his personal phone is picking up my calls and will, I believe be billed for them. He is on a $29 cap, compared to me on a $49 cap, so I gather there will be a substantial bill. I won't be paying anything until someone can give me the service and resolution to my problem. I also intend to log a complaint with the ombudsman's office tomorrow. As they say there is nothing as valuable as "word of mouth" well currently there are alot of people referring to VodaPhone as VodaFAIL along with alot of other suffixes starting with "F" I will finish here with again applauding all staff that I spoke with over the last 2 weeks, I understand their plight, I was once a CSR for Telstra whilst finishing my degree and moving on to other positions of choice. Your staff are your greatest asset, however if you don't consider the demographics of whom they may be dealing with and hence enlighten them accordingly through appropriate training, or make strategic decisions to not "off-shore" what is your greatest commodity, well my only advice is to go "find a paddle" or a “toothpick”, because you will always be "up the creek" or "pushing it up the hill". I hope that this is taken seriously and that someone contacts me on my husband's mobile to progress this matter to a mutually acceptable conclusion. Tanja Goos for now

by Social Media Team ‎12-04-2012 02:53 AM

Hi Tanja, It sounds like you've had a bit of a rough time trying to migrate your service back to 3 Mobile. Our help and support team will be able to investigate this for you, and find you a suitable resolution. So they can look in to this, can you please post your concern on our Vodafone Community? Cheers, Sarah.

by tanja ‎03-05-2012 02:00 AM

Hi Sarah
As I have resolved my issue and registered for Vodaphone Community can you please have my post above removed from this blog page please,.
thanks in advance

by Social Media Team ‎03-05-2012 03:16 AM

Hi Tanja, I am glad this has now been resolved for you, and even though it's disappointing that you've decided to leave Vodafone it is clear that this is the best move for you in terms of coverage. I have removed your previous post as per your request. All the best, Sarah.

by Chrissie_Tzouka ‎17-05-2012 07:50 AM

hi Mr Morrow, I have a complaint about your Eastgardens store in NSW my daughter went into the store Sunday week so she could up grade from 3 to Vodafone. She was able to get a i-phone 4 when she took it home it wasn't working we took it back within 24 hours and they told us it was the sim card. After that was replaced the phone still didn't work. So i took it back again i asked them for a new phone and they said i couldn't get one due to apple's policy after that was explained to u we left the phone with them. They gave us a replacement phone which wasn't any good because the charger that came with it wasn't the right one. After a long wait i tried ringing the store who told us they are still waiting on the e-mail, all i need now is a phone for my daughter to use, in the mean time i'm paying for a service i'm not using. and just one last mention the photos that came on the replacement were not appropriate for a 15 year old to be looking at. I would love an answer back.

by Social Media Team ‎18-05-2012 08:14 AM

Hi Chrissie, The in-store experience that you've outlined above certainly isn't what we aim to deliver for you and I am sorry that it has happened. I'd love the chance to get some more information from you so I can provide the feedback to the store and see what I can do to get your daughter up and running as soon as possible. As we'll be discussing your account information, I'll need you to email me (blog comments are public). Please send the email to with the code 348BBTGI in the subject line. You can include any extra information you like for me to feed back to the store as well as any questions you'd like me to address. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Bart.

by Casie_Newman ‎21-05-2012 08:00 AM

I have been a customer with vodafone since i was the age of 14 and am now 25 years old . I have been contacting vodafone since September 2011 as my reception keeps dropping out or i get no reception at all. I was told that they were upgrading the towers in my area and should be completed by November 2011. In November/ December i was still having problems so i called back vodafone and they said to me that they will give me 3 months half price and if the problem was still going on in this 3 months and after they will cancel my contract with no fees in order for me to go to a different service provider. In the 4 months after they stated that to me i was hospitalized 5 times due to medical problems and had no reception to call my husband who works away and to organize someone to pick up my daughter.
I called multiple times after that was asked if i can just promise to hold off going with a different service provider as they are trying to get this fixed so trying to be a loyal customer i did so.
I called on the 2nd May 2012 as my phone kept cutting in and out and then not getting any coverage after i had been trying to contact my husband in regards to my daughter who had to be rushed to hospital via ambulance but could not get in contact with him due to me again having no reception. After a very long 3 and a bit hours of trying to to speak to 2 people who did not speak very well English and could not understand what i was saying they admitted to me that there were problems with the tower in my area and they were trying to fix it. I told them i was thinking of going to a different service provider as my contract with vodafone had been voided a number of times with the promise in the contract that i will have the reception and the services i require and the supervisor stated to me that should be fine.
Today the 20th of May (today) I had collapsed due to a complicated pregnancy (22 weeks pregnant) and i tried to call my husband after this had happened and my phone had SOS ONLY on it at least since 4am in which my husband who works away as i stated calls me to say goodmorning. I turned off and on 3 times hoping this would make a difference but nothing happened. I then had to call vodafone yet again on a alternative number in which i was put on hold multiple times and been told they can give me a month free but i wanted to speak to the cancellations team.
The cancellations team stated to me there has to be another investigation ordered as they could not see a problem since November 2011 with the towers in my area. I told them that i want to get out of my contract as soon as i find another provider and they said once the investigation has been done and nothing shows up i will have to pay over $1000 to get out of my contract even though twice i was promised they will wave all fees due to the amount of problems i have had with vodafone. I was getting to the point that i was stressing me and my unborn child out, getting angry and was getting no where with no matter who i was speaking to as none of them were Australian and none of them could speak very good English or like i stated understood anything i was saying. I have been getting run around in circles for over 7 months with no luck.
I wish to speak to some in the highest position possible who works with vodafone about this. I am by myself at home with a 2 year old with a complicated pregnancy and i need a reliable service provider that i can make any and all emergency phone calls that i need to make with out having all of these problems.
Please someone help me

by Social Media Team ‎22-05-2012 07:38 AM

Hi Casie, Given the circumstances of the situation that you are in and the issues that you are experiencing, we really need to get this resolved for you as a matter of urgency. Being unable to use your service in an emergency is certainly not an experience that anybody wants to be in and I want to make sure that you don't have to go through that again. Can you please email me at with the code C128CBFNI in the subject field? I will then give you a call directly to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible. Kind Regards, BF.

by Jane_K ‎20-06-2012 08:40 AM

Bill - Congratulations on the new job.
Agenda item 1 - sack the call centre - they are the worst I have ever dealt with.
No customer service, they do not listen. They give you scripted answers to placate you and get you off the phone, promising that your billing query has been fixed - but they never do anything.
I have had the same billing issue for over 7 months and every month they pay me lip service, pretend to have fixed it so they can get you off the phone and keep their call rate up. One key trick is to put you on hold and them make sure the call drops out. Another is to pretend to pass you over to a manager - same thing - call always drops out and when you phone back you have to go through the whole torturous process again.

by Social Media Team ‎21-06-2012 01:21 AM

Hi Jane,
If you don't want to use our contact centre as your point of contact, you can get in contact with us on the Community, and we'll be able to look into your billing issue for you. You can access the Community by using the link below.
Community Forum
Kind Regards,

by Sayeda_Nazrul ‎27-06-2012 05:07 AM

26/6/2012 Dear Mr Bill Morrow: RE: Vodafone A/C# XXXX Broadband # XXXX; ID PIN XXXX. I had been a loyal customer of 3 Australia since 2005 till it was taken over by Vodafone recently. So I was constrained to become a customer of Vodafone on 21/06/2012 with the assurance that all the terms and conditions of my agreement with 3 Australia would be honoured in true letter and spirit. While undergoing the arrangements with your customer service department it was assured that the mobile phone service backed by broadband would simply replace the service of 3 Australia. To my utter surprise it appears that I would not be provided with any email address from Vodafone as a provider even it was a part and parcel of my arrangement as a customer with 3 Australia. I definitely reserve the right to deem it as a breach of contract. Over and above, my broadband internet service is yet to be activated even if I was assured that it would be up and running in 4 hours. The activation process was intiated yesterday, i.e., 25/6/2012. While contacted this morning I was told that Vodafone does not have any internet service all over Australia !! This is a very unfortunate event. I was allured with promises which now appears to be divorced from reality. For this sort of Breach of Contract I feel contrained to cancel my contract with you. Please ensure that I am not charged or penalized for the cancellation of the contract because I was basically inducted as a customer under false pretext and assurance. I am looking forward to an early intervention. Please confirm compliance. I believe as a long time customer of 3 Australia that the dubious ploy of your customer service department will bring about great peril for Vodafone. Thanking you. Sincerely, Sayeda Nazrul

by Social Media Team ‎27-06-2012 06:23 AM

Hi Sayeda I can appreciate your loyalty with 3 Australia as being a loyal customer since 2005, and coming across to Vodafone would have been a big change for you. I can certainly help you regarding your current and new services and help you reach a happier outcome. If you could please answer a few questions here for me; Please send an email to with 332BMAGE in the subject field. Please see: This will allow me to access your account with you, and I look forward to helping you resolve this issue. Cheers MA

by Boris_Bul_kin ‎01-07-2012 02:53 AM

Hi Bill,
Can you help?
Some 6 months ago, I asked for a copy of my contract. Its been 4 phone calls later, multiple requests to speak to supervisors or team leaders. Repeated promises that the contract will "definitely be emailed within the next 24-48 hours" and some 5 hours on the phone making such requests. I still do not have a copy of the contract. Lately, you we're kind enough to provide me with a Proof of purchase which did not even include a dollar value or copy of tax invoice. This is NOT what I have repeatedly asked for. The email it is sent from is a non reply. I'm granting Vodafone one further attempt to provide the said contract, before I begin complaints to both ASIC & the Telecommunications Ombudsman

by Social Media Team ‎03-07-2012 01:09 AM

Hi Boris, It certainly shouldn't be hard to obtain a copy of your contract! Our help and support team will be able to send this to you, so please post on our Vodafone Community. Thanks, Sarah.

by Gautam_malik ‎03-07-2012 07:19 AM

Hi Bill,
I had been with 3 since 2006 and moved to vodafone in 2010 assuming I will be getting a better service and value for my money. Trust me I got none.. The worst experience that I ever had. Vodafone charges high fees and promises many services which are not delivered. Is it fair to assume that Vodafone lures it’s customers in to sign a two year contract and then break all their promises?
I did a mistake by accepting a new contract (not signing, verbally accepting over the phone) with vodaphone however, I am assuming I have been mislead. Now I require a copy to my contract as per what I have agreed upon. All I am getting from customer care is a generic contract. what I require is a copy to the call so that I can listen and understand what I have agreed upon before taking things further if need be.
I have been advised by the customer care team that they will not be able to provide me a copy of the recording and if I require one I have to go legal. These are the words of your customer care team.
If you want me to go legal I can do that by going to the ombudsman and launching a complain.
I dont want to do anything of that sort as all I want to know is what is it that I have agreed on. Reading is different to what some has told me over the phone as the guy said to ignore what the lady will be saying when it comes to the cost of the pocket wi-fi as that will not be charged. This is my understanding and thats what I agreed upon. However when I received the bill you have charged me for the pocket wi-fi which I thought was given to me without any charge.
Would appreciate if some one can get back to me on this at your earliest.
Gauam Malik

by Social Media Team ‎04-07-2012 03:42 AM

Hi Gautam, I can definitely help. Calls are recorded for training and coaching purposes only, and it may be that there is no recording of your call. I'm able to check for you, and if it's available provide you with a copy of the call. If the call was not recorded, I am happy to work with you so you continue in your contract as a happy Vodafone customer. I will need your personal details in order to help, and we can't share that info here on our Blog. I want to get this sorted with you as quickly as possible, so I'd like you to email me this info: to using 367TKJBE as the subject field. Once I've received your email I will be able to assist further. Thanks, Kirsty.

by phillip_mcvcall ‎10-07-2012 03:04 AM

here is a copy of a letter i sent Mr morrows 21 may 2012 which has not been answered so i post it here for his attentiion. i can only believe he did not get it . As i know he would have replied.
I feel i have no other recourse then to take this matter to the ombusman.
Dear Sir,
After using your services for over 14 years, I hear by finish with vodafone, which start down Batemans Bay when Telstra failed to provide a reasonable service and you filled the gap up till recent years where you fell behind around the the time you hired your computer phone answering system which reminds me of Nanny Fran on a bad day.
A couple of years ago I purchased a month to month broad plan of you needless to say I found it unreliable at my address as did my wife who used my old dongal .
Because I procrastinated I did not terminate the contract mainly be cause of the above mentioned auto phone system I dislike her that much. Around 8 months ago I received a letter that you notice I was not using my internet and it will be terminated yet I still received up dated bills and the only time your company has sent me a letter in 2 years was last week dated the 8 may 2012 a final demand letter. As a result our household is using optus home phone and internet bundle, My Mobil phone is with Amazsim, my wife and stepdaughter still use vodafone only because family still live in Batemans bay so where once there were 3 mobile phones and 2 internet using Vodafone as a carrier you now only have 2 phones. My wife just got a Optus sim for her new phone
Phillip Mccallum

by Social Media Team ‎10-07-2012 04:43 AM

Hi Phillip, It sounds like you've been having a bit of trouble getting this sorted out. I'm sure I can help. To help me get this fixed up, are you able to email me through some of your account details? From there I will be able to access your account to work out what's gone on, and offer a solution from there. Please send an email to with 656BNSBE in the subject. Please ensure you include the information listed in our email guide. I understand this has been going on too long, so please send me through your details so I can get this fixed up for you, once and for all. Thanks, NS

by keighley_willia ‎13-08-2012 09:56 PM

To Bill, CEO of Vodafone Australia: 0430 390 219
Hi my name is keighley williams, I have had a 3 plan phone /service for a 24 month period which the service(mins , calls etc) part of this finished on about approx July/aug last year (2011) something like that .
I was on a month by month contract and the phone and the plan cost me $20 +$20 = $40 pmth.
I flew to uk in July last year , and informed 3 that I would be shutting the service off, obviously I don't need it I am uk, and will be for a little while yet.
I still needed to pay $20 a month for my handset , which was fine, until I realised I was still being charged after aug 2011 for service which obviously I don't need !!!
I contacted the Customer Service Center who are unbelievably terrible at listening and spend far too much talking, the need to watch the " The great marigold hotel", then they can deal with clients outside of India, SCRIPTS DON'T DO IT !! You need a great listening ear, and understanding of what the client is actually trying to convey.
In my case I have forgotten the amount of hours (that I am paying for from the UK, at really inconvenient times ) I wasted speaking about this simple matter.
Nutshell: I keep paying $20 a month for handset until Aug or so this year, phone paid off done and dusted.
No more bills, phone not with three any more hasn't been since Sept last year.
Unfortunately it couldn't be this easy could it, so I kept getting bills for phone , service GST on service , since Sept last year (2011).
So I rang the call centre fore the I'v lost count what amount time , the person I dealt with said this was now over , my torture has ended and they will stop sending me bills , for an amount I clearly don't owe.
I will not being paying this on any other bill, I will never go with three or vodafone ever again (have been with 3 for 4 years or so) this is just ridiculous, please please please some one go through my records check all the phone conversations.
I would like to be refunded for the amount of money I have spent on the phone to Aus for this approx £20.
So you know the course of action from now is to delete every bill from 3, I will not even see the bill in my email, it will be deleted automatically.

by Social Media Team ‎14-08-2012 02:07 AM

Hi Keighley, You've done exactly the right thing in contacting us when you've noticed a problem, and I'm really sorry we weren't able to resolve this with you when you called. The Help and Support Team will definitely be able to discuss and resolve the issues you've raised with you in your post. Will you please head over to our Community here: and post? The Help and Support team will be happy to assist. Thanks, Kirsty.

by arshi ‎25-08-2012 10:52 AM

Hello mr.Bill,
I would like to know the direct contact number of your office to contact the concern person for business proposal .
please respond me as soon as possible i am trying to contact you but there is no one from the your end is supporting me . i am in overseas please revert me back on my mail id .
Thanks and Regards,

by Peter_McDougall ‎31-08-2012 06:51 AM

I was with 3 mobile for severla years and was called back in July by 3 / Vodaphone as Vodaphone was merging with 3 in the coming months. 3 offered me two new phones if I would roll my existing contract into the new vodaphone 3 / deal and extend into a bew contract. I said yes I will do that as long as there is no cost to my company.
Just recived this months bill for over $2500 which includes the cost of two cancellations on at $1200 and another at $1176 plus my normal cost that I would have expected.
Spoke to the Imdian call centre and as you can imagine no assistance.
I will not be paying the bill and then arguing out the vodaphones incompentance or lies and are willing to take Bill Morrow on head to head in the media.
Will all the crap that I am reading about the management of this organisation and it;s inabilty I would hate to be a shareholder that also had any moral backbone.
Don't sell me something and then tell me there is no charge and then slug me over two thousand dollars.
It remains to be seen if there is any middle management capability to fix this before I place it into the medias hands.

by MH83 ‎31-08-2012 11:15 AM

To Whom It May Concern
I have been with Vodafone since I was 16 I’m now 29 I must be a gluten for punishment as I’ve been told many times to move to another provider but stay because I believe you will get better, but sadly you’re not getting measurably better, I find that when I need my mobile most it’s lost its signal, or it will drop out mid conversation and this is not in rural Australia it’s in my house or at work in Mount Waverley where there shouldn’t be a coverage problem. Now I find that my Samsung galaxy 2 keeps switching it’s self on and off on its own this does not help me as I am a sales consultant in real estate and my mobile is the most important part of my business and my phone contract doesn’t end till November 2013 so I’m pretty much stuck with a dud phone as no one knows why it does this, please pick up your game and do something on a positive note I am happy with your new It phone help service where it will call me when an operator is available great idea.
Kind Regards

by Social Media Team ‎01-09-2012 03:52 AM

Hi Peter, This definitely isn't the kind of experience we would like you to have, and I'm here to help. So I can assist you further, can you please post your query in our Vodafone Community, by using this link, here - Community Forum We'll do our best to fix your billing issue and isolate exactly what's happened. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, JJ.

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