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Have you been asked to email us? Here's what we need to know

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Have you been asked to email us? Here's what we need to know

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Need to send us an email? It’s as easy as;


1.Put your reference number in the email subject [including brackets]. 

Everything from here. [ ref:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:ref ] to here.

2. Copy/paste the below into an email, answer the questions and send it to

*Vodafone mobile number:
*Four digit enquiry PIN:
Link to your post:
Your online username for that post:

If it’s relevant, have you tried anything to solve the problem?

Any extra info that might help us out?


If you'd like to talk on the phone, instead of email:
Your contact Number:
Preferred time:

(We can't guarantee a call at a specific time, but we'll do our best)

*If you don’t pop in your mobile number and PIN we’ll struggle to help you.




3. Send it! We’ll get back to your email as quick as we can. We'll usually reply within 24 hours.

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