Flexi Credit explanation

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Flexi Credit explanation

by gooroo175 Visitor
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I'm on holiday in Australia and just got myself a Vodafone sim card and topped it up with 30 AUD. Now I have loads of "flexi credit". Comparing to german mobile phone operators I do not understand that concept. Everything I do is debited to the flexi credit, right? The topup only created that "virtual amount". But why does the flexi credit exist then? Couldn't the single call costs per minute just be cheaper and be subtracted form the 30 AUD?


What did I miss? I'm really curious.

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Re: Flexi Credit explanation

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Hi gooroo175,


gooroo175 wrote:


What did I miss? I'm really curious.

Don't worry, you didn't miss too much!


Some of our prepaid recharges do arm you with credit that is more than the recharge value and the simple reason is that it's how our plans are set up. It gives you the freedom to compare value with our different offers and decide which suits you best.


If you'd prefer to work in dollar values closer to your recharge amount, our TXT and Talk or 365 day recharge might suit you better. You can check out the range of offers available here.


Thanks, Bart.

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