Vodafone cancelled my order

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Vodafone cancelled my order

by fiaaxx Occasional Tagger
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Hi, i recently bought an Iphone 4 online. I recieved my account number and everything was approved. After a week i still hadnt recieved the phone. I called vodafone customer service and they said the phone wasnt in stock and to call back in a few days. I did call back only to hear my order had me cancelled. Why? I am not happy and extremely dissapointed with vodafone's service. 

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Iphone Shipping

by fiaaxx Occasional Tagger
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I ordered an Iphone 4 last week on a contract. I still have not recieved the phone. Every time i ring vodafone i am told different things. When will i recieve my phone, how long will it take?


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Re: Iphone Shipping

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Hi fiaaxx,


Did you receive any sort of confirmation email?  Or do you have an order number?

If so, have you tried searching it along with your email address here on our handset tracking site?


If you need further help tracking your order then please post back here and I will look into this for you.



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Re: Vodafone cancelled my order

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Hi fiaax,


We have a great FAQ here on the Community, detailing what to expect when you order an iPhone - it contains delivery information, how to track your order etc - you can find it here.


The experience you describe is not what I would expect for any of our customers, and I can appreciate that you want some answers.


When you place an order, we will confirm we have received your order by email or txt - if it's a new connection we will email you the order confirmation, and we will txt you if it's an upgrade.  Did you receive an order confirmation from us?


There are a number of reasons an order might be cancelled, and I would like to take a closer look at your order to understand what’s happened in your situation. In order to do this, I will need to access your personal details, and so would like to move our conversation to email.


I have sent you a Private Message (PM) with my email contact details, and the information I will need to review your order – you can access your PMs by clicking this link here.




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