Confused on my first bill

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Confused on my first bill

by Vod_user Occasional Visitor
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Hi, I already got a notice saying I'm owing a certain amount of money. I found out that it is 12 dollars more than what I should pay (This is my first bill) and also, I can't view my bill details. Can you please help me on that? thank you

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Re: Confused on my first bill

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Hi Vod_user,


I can definitely help you out with what's happening on your first bill.


I've included a couple of great links to help you when going through how your bill is laid out. The first is a link to our bill explainer, this steps you through all of the components of your bill and where to find important information.


The next link is to our support page, and explains the pro-rata of your plan charges on your first bill. Because we charge monthly plan fees in advance, your first bill has a part month charge as well as a full month of plan charges.


Can you please tell me what it says next to the $12 charge that you have on your bill?





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