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Still receiving bills - Originally posted on Facebook

Occasional Creator
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Registered: ‎25-02-2011

Still receiving bills - Originally posted on Facebook

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by Occasional Creator
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Hi Guys,


Question from Amy Cotterill on Facebook:

Hi, I'm no longer with vodafone but I'm still getting a monthly bill. I don't owe anything would someone be able to look into this for me.
Regards, Amy




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Help and Support
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Re: Still receiving bills - from Facebook

by Help and Support Help and Support
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Hi Amy,


Once all activity on the account has stopped, you will not receive any invoices from us, but you might still receive a bill after you've disconnected if you have a credit or small amount owing.


Are you able to check one of the invoices we have sent you, and let me know if it is a credit? I'm happy to organise a refund for you there is a credit on the account.






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