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Samsung Galaxy S2 internet connection problems

Frequent Visitor
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Registered: ‎12-03-2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 internet connection problems

by KLF Frequent Visitor
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Has anyone else had this problem? My internet has been playing up constantly since I got my new phone.


Sometimes it works, some times it doesnt. When I turn the phone off and back on it usually works for the first website and thats it. Have tried clearing memory, cache etc. This is only a new phone and has done it before I downloaded anything onto it.


Any help if appreciated!

Vodafone Staff
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 internet connection problems

by Vodafone Staff Vodafone Staff
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Hey KLF,


If the Internet isn't working properly, the first thing I would do is ensure all the setting son your phone are correct. There is a section on our website that runs you through how to set up your phone for going online, and this is where I would start. Check it out here.


Failing that, could you please let me know a couple of things? 


You mention you haven't been able to use the Internet on your new phone. Does this mean you could access it fine from your old phone? What sort of phone was that? Also, where are you located? If updating the settings doesn't work, this extra information will help me determine if the problem is related to the network at all. 


Let me know how you go.




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