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Porting frustration

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Porting frustration

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by Dayne Seasoned Member
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EDIT: This has now been resolved. Smiley Very Happy





Received my new phone on Wednesday morning (ordered online) at which point the "order status" page I was given after ordering still said "order processing". With my phone I receieved a SIM that said it had already been activated, however I wanted to port my number from Virgin, so I called 1300 101 606 around midday to organise this.


The man asked for the "temporary number", which I did not have, as this was well before I received any sort of email from Vodafone with my new plan details, including the new number. Instead I had to give him the SIM number which was on the package the SIM came in. I gave my details, he said it was all good and should go through within 3 hours, but may take up to 24 hours.


Yesterday it had still not ported. I called 1555 in the evening to see what was going on. Spoke to a useless machine and 3 different people, none of whom could tell me anything more than "it's not my department" or "it may have failed, or it may just be taking longer". They couldn't even tell me if it HAD actually failed or if it was just slow. The final person I spoke to told me that she "can't give me an estimated time" as the tech support people SHE spoke to didn't know, and that she "doesn't know what to do".


Called again today - around 18 hours since the last call. The woman said it's still processing, told me it'll take 3 hours, or 24 in some cases. Told her I'd ALREADY been told that and have been waiting over 48 hours. She then said it may take up to 24 BUSINESS hours. This would put it at Monday afternoon. Ridiculous. I'm now paying 2 phone bills and can't use the new phone with my number.

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Re: Porting frustration

by Help and Support Help and Support
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Hi Dayne,


I'm glad your issue has been resolved - thank you for posting the update! A port should take around 3 hours, but can take up to 48. 


Our Care team are able to check on the progress of the port, and provide you with updates. It sounds like in your instance, our process have not worked. I'm truly sorry you had this experience when calling us - it's not what I would expect for any of our customers.


If you have any quotations about your new Vodafone service, please post back here in our Community.




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