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Buying an iPhone 4S on Contract as a GIFT

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Buying an iPhone 4S on Contract as a GIFT

by rbeast Occasional Tagger
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I have quite a bit of a unique enquiry, and would really love your thoughts on what would work best for me.


I want to buy an iPhone 4S as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. Lets say her name is Sheila.


Sheila is a Vodafone customer and she is currently on prepay, and has been so for years.

Sheila is also an international student, and her current visa will last for less than a year (it is in the process of being renewed).Therefore, Sheila cannot go onto a 24 month contract with Vodafone.


Therefore, I would like to go on a 24 month contract with Vodafone and get the iPhone. As this will be a gift for Sheila, i would like Sheila's current prepaid number to be ported to the new contract.


I had called the Vodafone technical team and the operator had told me the following is possible.


1) I get the iPhone on contract with a temporary number.

2) Because Vodafone cannot change ownership of prepaid numbers, he suggested that:

  (a) Sheila port her number to 3.
  (b) Sheila then transfers ownership of the prepaid number to me (i.e. my birth date etc.)
  (c) I then port the number from 3, to the iPhone contract (and replace the temporary) number.


Can someone please confirm in writing that this can be done? And if so, how long can I expect for the number to be ported in each instance (Vodafone to 3, 3 back to Vodafone)?


Any help in this situation will be GREATLY APPRECIATED. 


Thank you,



Help and Support
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Re: Buying an iPhone 4S on Contract as a GIFT

by Help and Support Help and Support
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Hi rbeast,


"Shelia" is a very lucky girl - I'd love an iPhone 4S for Christmas! I've just checked our change of ownership policies for you, and you can definitely change a prepay number into your name, when you're transferring the number from prepay to a 24 month contract.


This has not always been the case, and it appears you've been given old information when your called. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Sheila is able to authorise the change of ownership over the phone by calling 1555 or 1300 650 410. Once the authorisation is noted on the account, you are able to call or go into a store, and completed the transfer. 

Your application for a new connection will be subject to a regular credit check, even though you will be using Sheila's old number.


There is currently a three week expected delivery timeframe for iPhone 4S orders, so it may have to be a belated present for Sheila - I'm sure she will still appreciate it, though!


If you have any questions about the change of ownership process, or ordering a new phone for Sheila, please post back here, and I will help.




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