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$50 dollar infinite plan: Samsung Galaxy S

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$50 dollar infinite plan: Samsung Galaxy S

by Jarz Occasional Visitor
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I was just wondering if it is possible to get the Samsung Galaxy S on the 50 infinite plan? Or are the phones listed on the site the only ones that are available.


Thanks in advance 



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Re: $50 dollar infinite plan: Samsung Galaxy S

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Hi Jarz,


You are definitely able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S for $0 upfront on our $50 Infinite plan!! You can also purchase the Samsung Galaxy S2 for $5 per month on our Infinite $50 plan.


If you would like to purchase either of these phones/plans,I can have the correct team give you a call and discuss you're options - our Upgrades Team if you're upgrading, or our Sales team if it's for a new connection.


As I will need to gather your personal details in order to have the team call, at that point, I will provide you with my email contact details via private message, and move our conversation to email.


If you have any question about either of these phones or plans, please post back here and I will be able to help :smileyhappy:





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