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Vodafone Smart Tab - Coming to Australia?

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Vodafone Smart Tab - Coming to Australia?

by jjcoolaus Occasional Visitor
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Hi Vodafone,


Just wondering if vodafone have any plans to bring the Vodafone Smart Tab to Australia? The other 2 mobile carriers have discounted tablets for their networks so i'm just wondering if vodafone will ever do the same thing?


Specs here 7":


Specs here 10":


The 10" model with 850mhtz support would be great to see and an extremely tempting buy.




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Re: Vodafone Smart Tab - Coming to Australia?

by Help and Support Help and Support
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Hi jjcoolaus,


Our blog is where we announce all of our upcoming devices.


If we do announce the Vodafone Smart Tab in Australia, you will see it here first.


If you have any other questions, please let me know.





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